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The vanity is a fundamental part of your bathroom. Bathroom vanity should be designed according to your needs, and at the same time, it should clear up space and make your morning routine simple while adding some character to your room. Bathroom Vanity Buffalo will help you find the ideal vanity according to your needs and style. When you select your vanity, just tell us the size of your bathroom, the functionality you are looking for, and the style you want. Then, we will take it from there and show you our top recommendations. Keep in mind that if you are redesigning your bathroom or improving some finishes, decide on vanity first before tile and other accessories. It is easier to choose tile and finishes that will complement your vanity.

Bathroom Vanities

  • Central Bathroom Vanities

If most members of your family use the central bathroom, substantial storage is then required. When you have plenty of storage, it will be easier to maintain the bathroom and keep free of clutter. When installing vanities, it is best to choose the size according to the remaining space you will have in your bathroom. That way, it will look pleasing, and you will have more space where you can comfortably move in and around. For more storage solutions, opt for hanging bath cabinets on the wall. This type will save more valuable floor space, and you still get that much-needed storage. If you want added convenience for your family members who will use the bathroom, double vanities in sizes between 60 to 72 inches wide are your best bet. Also, it will be helpful to get vanities that have drawers and shelves. Bathroom Vanity Buffalo provides these features that are not only attractive, but they are also versatile. You can store your small products in the drawers while towels or other large items can be placed on the shelves. 

  • Powder Room Vanities

Space is often an issue in half baths or powder rooms. The size of a single vanity is usually between 36 inches and 48 inches in width. Bathroom vanity with a standard countertop can accommodate soap and hand lotion, making it large enough to hold yours and your guests’ necessities. If space is really a problem, a towel rack that can carry just one towel saves some space and makes the bathroom seem bigger. While a powder room requires little storage, choosing a vanity with storage underneath lets you use this area to hide away cleaning materials or other essentials you can easily reach.

  • Master Bathroom Vanities

If two persons are utilizing the master bath, bathroom vanity with a sink or two sinks, and either a large mirror or double but small mirrors guarantee more space. When deciding on the size of your perfect vanity, take inventory of what the existing items you store in your present vanity. And make sure to add twenty percent more space than what you think is necessary, just to have some allowance. You must also consider the height of your vanity. Keep in mind that the height of vanities is 32 inches high. You can have a taller one if you want to. We can also customize vanity if you want a more efficient one. We can add a deeper sink to reduce water splashing onto surfaces. We can securely install electrical outlets in your vanity cabinet for easy access to plugin hair dryers, electric shavers, flat irons, and other electrical devices.

Bathroom Vanity with Sink

The next step is to decide on the type of bathroom vanity with sink. The sink can be vessel, wall-mount, under-mount, or drop-in. Pick the color and material for your sink. You can choose between porcelain and natural stone. If you want an under-mount sink, it will be mounted below the countertop. With a supporting bracket, it will provide a seamless look. Vessel sinks come in a lot of patterns, designs, and custom shapes. It is installed above the counter, and a hole for the drain will be cut out from the countertop. On the other hand, drop-in sinks sit inside a cutout in the countertop. They have so-called lips resting on top of the counter. 

During the selection process, evaluating the top is important. Vanity tops must have adequate countertop space to accommodate your needs. They should also be durable enough to endure soaps, products, and of course, water. Granites need to be protectively sealed, while quartzites are sturdy and low-maintenance. Tile, on the other hand, is high maintenance because of the grout lines, while the wood top is naturally porous. 

In summary, a bathroom vanity is composed of a mirror or mirrors, single or dual sinks, a countertop, and some storage. When choosing a bathroom vanity with sink,  you can match it with the style of the whole bathroom or you can slightly depart from the bathroom theme. Bathroom Vanity Buffalo has a wide selection of vanities in different styles, sizes, and colors. Our team of experts is always available to help you choose one that will best suit your bathroom.

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