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Do you want to add sparkle and shine to your bathroom? With Mirrored Bathroom Buffalo, get these fabulous bathroom mirror designs. From simple to intricate, there’s a mirror to fit every bathroom decor.

The final touch to any bathroom is a gorgeous mirror. And if you think your vanity lacks personality, it may be high time to add some character by getting a new bathroom mirror. We have a wide range of bathroom mirrors, so you do not need to worry about the style, whether you have a traditional and elegant bathroom or a sleek and modern theme. Here are some of the most popular bathroom mirror ideas to help you decide which one will perfectly fit into your bathroom the best.

Bathroom Vanity Buffalo NY
  • Double Mirrors

    For double vanity, two mirrors are necessary. Try hanging one above each sink to add consistency to the room. Or you can have two mirrors hanging over a long sink vanity to provide more impact on the wall than mirroring the entire area.

  • Mirrored Wall

    If you get overwhelmed choosing from different sizes, shapes, and frames, skip the process of selecting and mirror the entire wall! Your bathroom will also look bigger and brighter as a result.

  • Round Mirrors

    A round mirror is a standard option for a bathroom and can relax the intense angles in modern spaces. Opt for a contemporary hanging style or select a round mirror with a charming frame.

  • Gilded Mirrors

    Gilded frames can highlight the silvery sparkle of the mirrored surface. To add a bit of warmth and sophistication to even the most ordinary bathrooms, choose gold frames.

  • Sculptural Mirrors

    With an extraordinary shape or sculptural frame, your mirror will become the focal point of the space. Mirrored Bathroom Buffalo has a selection of eye-catching mirrors, and this piece will also double as art.

  • Antique Mirrors

    Mirrors look better with age. That is why a vintage mirror will add more character than those fresh from the factory piece that looks mass-produced. An antique mirror comes with a sense of mystery because of its history, adding charm.

  • Colorful Mirrors

    To add a pop of color, a mirror frame is one of the top choices to transform an otherwise lackluster bathroom. Be bold. Choose vibrant shades and artistic shapes for a dose of pizzaz and quaintness.

  • Minimalist Mirrors

    For modern Bathroom Remodel Buffalo, you might want to opt for a mirror that fits with the simplified design. Go for a primary shape that has no frame or has just a minimal border.

  • Mix-and-Match Mirrors

    You are free to mix and match mirrors and not limit yourself to just one shape or size. This bathroom mirror idea suggests you try mixing and matching mismatched mirrors above a dual vanity to give the room a bit of distinct identity.

  • Ornate Mirrors

    If you are searching for over-the-top appealing, go for an ornate or intricately-designed mirror with a unique frame. Another great bathroom mirror idea is to go overboard by having an oversize style.

Deciding on which bathroom mirror style to choose is a challenging but fun moment. Mirrored Bathroom Buffalo offers different sizes, shapes, and styles. We can help you find the one that suits your budget without compromising your aesthetic preference.

Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

Whether you are staring in your mirror for a few seconds or an hour, there is a big chance that you spend some of your time with your Bathroom Vanity Buffalo daily. Not only you must have it above your bathroom sink, but it can also improve or revamp the aesthetic of a space. Mirrors are ordinary but they have the ability to bring both dimension and light into space. Because they come in a variety of sizes and designs, it is easy to find one that will be the focal point of your bathroom.

Know the size of the mirror - You can determine the mirror’s size by the length of your vanity’s countertop. Our designer will recommend choosing mirrors that are at least 2 inches narrower than your vanity.

Location of the mirror - Knowing who the mirror is for or who will use it is necessary for determining how high you should hang your mirror. As a guideline, keep in mind the average height of a woman is 5’5” and the average height of a man is 5’10”. It is also important to consider kids in the household.

The shape of the mirror - There are hundreds of shapes, sizes, and finishes when it comes to mirrors. You can be creative choosing the right one for you. Want traditional? Go for a rectangular or oval style. Have your mirror cut or customize to fit perfectly into the room. If you have a modern theme, try the ones with built-in lights or those that display the weather forecast. Go for daring color or ornate shape if you wish to go unique. Frameless mirrors, on the other hand, add a sleek and minimal appeal.

The best bathroom vanity mirrors complete the visual effect of the space. Whatever shape or size you choose, make sure it fits perfectly well with the dimensions above your vanity and the rest of the bathroom.

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